Gendarme de mon état, j’étais malade du diabète. En effet suite à un contrôle médical, il s’est avéré que le taux de sucre dans mon sang était au dessus de la normale. C\’est-à-dire 11. Or en médecine, il semble que le taux normal de sucre dans le corps humain doit être compris entre 8 et 9. Je suis venu à l’église où j’ai décidé d’être plus assidu. J’ai participé avec foi aux prières. Ainsi, une semaine après je suis retourné à l’hôpital pour une autre analyse. Là-bas, à la surprise de tous, nous avons constaté que le taux de sucre qui était monté est revenu à la normale. C’est ainsi que j’ai été guéri du diabète. M. KIMOU AKE SIMPLICE


Gamblers always run the risk of losing everything they bet and even more. The thrill and anticipation of winning can quickly turn into an addiction, for young and old.

Michael, 65, was once addicted to gambling, so much so that he lost his business and nearly his house. He worked as a banker and also ran a restaurant business, while his wife worked as a nurse. When he gave up his job in the bank to concentrate on his business he found that gambling got the better of him.

“It started with lottery tickets and betting on horses which I did for fun. However it ended up being a problem as I spent all the money from my business on gambling,” he said. To make matters worse, Michael drank and smoked up to 40 cigarettes a day. At that time his two children were at university and his wife, Nombeko was already a member of the church.

“Things were totally out of control and it caused so much loss for the family. Our house was going to be auctioned and that is when I got to know that he had not been paying the bond regularly,” said Nombeko.

She decided to take the auction papers to the church and prayed over them. They believe God performed a miracle when the auction date was postponed giving them enough time to settle the payments.

Michael went to different traditional healers in search of cures to his addiction but found his life did not improve.

The situation started to affect his wife’s health and she lost hair from the stress. “I would sometimes visit my late father’s grave with the hope that things would change. However I later realised that it was not helping,” he said. One day he decided to go to church with his wife.

“On the first day I walked into the church, I asked God to show me a sign that He is a living God. I wanted to stop smoking. I had completely lost hope in life as I had lost many things,” Michael said. He has not smoked nor taken an alcoholic drink since that day. His gambling is also a thing of the past.

Today Michael has two cars, an Audi A4 and the latest Renault Sandero. He has a food retail business that is doing well, while his wife still works as a professional nurse. They live in a 13-roomed house with their children and enjoy blessings from God.


Prome cu mi a cuminsa participa na Centro di Ayusa Spiritual, mi tabata un persona di mal caracter, mi tabata tin constantemente dolor di cabes, mi casa tabata vicia cu cigaria y alcohol. E situashon aki tabata empeora cada dia mas mi salud, mi no tabata tin paz ni na cas ni na trabou, mi tabata sintimi hopi malo. Asina mes ma purba di resolbe e situashon aki di diferente manera, ma bai varios lugarnan pero nan no por a yudami. E situashon a empeora ora cu dokter a detecta cancer na mi matris. Ma cuminsa bin Iglesia cu tur mi fe, ma participa di e cadenanan di orashon pa cual ma wordo libera y mi a cuminsa mira un mejoria den mi bida. Después di algun tempo ma scucha papia di e campanja di Israel y mi kier a caba cu tur e problemanan aki. Ma participa cu tur mi fe y Dios a contestami cu e transformashon di mi casa. Ma hasi mi sacrificio pidiendo Dios pa mi salud, no a yega di pasa tres luna ora cu mi petishon a wordo contesta. Awor mi ta totalmente cura, e cancer a desaparese. Mi ta hopi felis y bendishona, mi casa a laga di huma y di bebe y nos ta un pareha bendishona y henter famia ta disfruta di paz, di amor y di abundancia cu solamente Dios por duna. Tur esaki danki na mi fe den Dios.
I was suffering from a severe depression and always feeling exhausted. Migraines added by a feeling of frustration wouldn’t allow me to sleep either.I used to ask myself why I was living like that if I was a good person. My life used to be at home in front of a TV and with no desire for life.

Though I was no stranger to Churches, I couldn’t find the peace I wanted. I knew God existed around but I didn’t know how to use my faith in Him.

Trying to get an answer to my problems I consulted clairvoyants here and overseas, only to see things getting worse!My marriage collapsed for the second time and the shame of the whole situation would make me even more isolated from everyone.

I became an unbearable person since I would lose my temper so easily. Even my son used to be scared of talking to me because often I would scream and yell at him for all and for nothing! Tired of this life, I thought many times in taking my own life but my son was the only reason that prevented me from doing that.

One day at home I saw the advert of the Universal Church (UCKG) in the newspaper. It offered a free prayer CD, which the Church sent to me by post. I played the CD and felt so good that I decided to visit the Church.

On June 2005 for the first time, I attended a strong prayer at the Church and I felt like a burden had left my body.

For a long time in years I felt peace within myself. On this day I decided to make Jesus as my God and there would be no turning back!

I returned Friday night on the following week and again I received a strong prayer that made me completely free from my depression. I went back home and slept like a baby!

At the Church I learned how to use the power of faith. It is basically God’s weapon to fight back the problems we often encounter in life. Today I am free from migraines, no longer depressed and I feel at peace with myself. I even got healed from a visual impairment.

Jackie Mohammed

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