Testimonies of Healing

Alias had pains in one leg for more than seven years. He had to go in and out of hospitals but still could not walk properly.
“I was staying alone and I struggled to do things in the house. I was desperately looking for a solution and I turned to traditional healers for help. However my leg remained painful, “said Alias.
He started to drink alcohol and he smoked to ease his pains.He told the Universal News that he felt better and forgot his problems for a short while.

A member of the CHS invited him to the church. On his first day he went to a pastor for counselling and prayers for his health. He also took part in the chain of prayer on Tuesdays for his healing.

“I continued taking medication and together with my faith in God, four months later my health was restored and I was able to walk. I started to see more changes in my life. I stopped drinking and smoking. I started applying for a job and later I got a permanent job,” said Alias.

Alias Khoza – CHS English Guyana

My name is Neema Kimaro, last year I was not feeling well,so I decide to go to see a doctor.The Doctor made some tests in me (examinations) and he told me that my heart is wide and that I was suffering from high blood pressure, he also told me that I will spend all my life on medications, but i didn’t accept that situation.

On the MIRACLE HEALING DAY (Sunday 29th January 2012) I came to the Cenacle of the Holy Spirit for a special prayer meeting and the pastor called in front of the altar those who were sick but they had to see a doctor to confirm their healing, so I went in front of the altar for a prayer and after it the pastor told me to go and see the doctor again for a check up because in Jesus’ name I was healed.Last Tuesday at 5:30pm I decided to came again to the church for the Spiritual Healing Treatment where I received the anointing with the blessed oil for healing then on the next day (Wednesday last week) I went to see the doctor again and he made the very same tests he had made before (examinations) and he told me that nothing is wrong with my heart, that I am just fine. God has healed me!
Neema Kimaro – CHS Tanzania
Twenty-four-year-old Khabonina was sick for nearly three years. First diagnosed with pneumonia in 2009, she later lost her hearing.
She was taken to different doctors but her health continued to deteriorate to the point where she could not talk, eat or drink anything.
The worst moment of my life was when my mother had to bath me. I was so weak that I could not even hold my little son. I depended on my family for everything,” she said.
She was bed-ridden for seven months until October last year when her family took her to the Cenacle of the Holy Spirit.
“In the church, I learnt to depend on and trust God for my life. I continued coming to church on Tuesdays and I prayed for my healing,” she said.
Three months later her health improved and she was able to do all the things she could not do before. Her hearing was also restored.
Her aunt, Puleng said: “Khabonina was on the brink of death as she couldn’t do anything. She could not even hear her son crying. However this changed after she came to the church. Her life is now a living testimony of God’s healing power,” she said.
Khabonina Motsei – CHS English Guyana
My name is Joyce Mlolele, for the first 5 years of my marriage I could not conceive and besides that I was having a terrible pain in my womb, I went to many witchdoctors, doctors and specialists looking for help and solution but no one could help me, things got even worse; then I began to experience financial problems because I stopped working due the pains and all the money that I had was finished with witchdoctors, doctors and specialists; to make thinks worse they all told me that I would never be a mother of my on child, the fruit of my womb, because of that I wanted to divorce my husband for I could not give him a child, I was hopeless and frustrated as a woman.
But one day my husband received an invitation to a special meeting in the Cenacle of the Holy Spirit and he gave it to me, but I told him: “If the witchdoctors, doctors and specialists could not heal me GOD also cannot!” But he did not give up, he continued to remind me about that special meeting, so I decided to give it a try, I came and attended the meeting and spoke to the pastor and he prayed for me (He laid his hands on me and said that: “WHAT THE DOCTORS HANDS COULD NOT DO GOD’S HANDS WOULD DO and he said that I was healed”, from that moment on all the pains disappeared and I conceived and gave birth to my child that the doctors said it was impossible for me to give birth, today I am a happy and fulfilled women and mother.

I was healed by the power of God’s hands! When the pastor laid his hands on me, it wasn’t the pastor’s hands but God’s hands it self. Today my life and family is complete!

Joyce Mlolele – CHS Tanzania


UCKG Hong Kong

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