UKGR Evangelisch Centrum van Suriname

UKGR Evangelisch Centrum
Malibatrumstraat 4
Paramaribo Centrum
Ph.597- 88 37 764

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UKGR in Suriname

Onlangs werd in de Universele Kerk in Suriname een dienst van geloof gehouden gericht aan de Goddelijke genezing. De dienst werd bijgewoond door meer dan 200 mensen, waarvan velen genezing en wonderen ontvingen. De mensen ervoeren de manifestatie van de macht van God. Tijdens de dienst werd ook gesproken over de thema’s geloof en volharding. “De wonderen van God vinden heden nog plaats en zijn het gevolg van het geloof en volharding, zoals in het voorbeeld van Naäman.” legde pr. Peter Alves uit, die onlangs door de UKGR in Nederland naar Suriname werd uitgezonden om het evangelisch werk aldaar te beginnen. Daarna werden de getuigenissen gevraagd van mensen die de UKGR voor de eerste keer bezochten en meteen de kracht van God konden ervaren. Deze dienst van Goddelijke Genezing wordt elke dinsdag gehouden om 10u, 15u en voornamelijk om 18u. De UKGR in Suriname is gevestigd aan de Malebatrumstraat 4, Paramaribo Centrum en houdt dagelijkse diensten, 3 keer per dag om 10u, 15u en 18u. Het lokale telefoonnummer van de UKGR in Suriname is 88 37 764.

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The UCKG Officially Founded as a Church in Suriname

The Universal Church (UCKG) has just recently sent Pastor Peter Alves and his wife to Suriname, the former Dutch colony in South America.

Suriname is known as one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, consisting of a wide variety of traditions and religions out of which Hinduism and Islam are predominant. It is a country rich in natural resources, but in spite of this, poverty and suffering are still evident in the lives of the majority of the population.

On Friday, September 18th, the UCKG was officially founded as a church in Suriname with the mission of reaching out to these people in need. After the first meeting, which consisted of about 20 people, Pastor Peter and his wife started evangelizing on the streets, going door to door offering prayers and taking the names of those who wanted hospital visits for a family member. Only five weeks later, the numbers of those attending the meeting had more than doubled, growing to about 70 people.

In the few weeks that the church has been working in this country, there have already been testimonies of people being healed, delivered from insomnia, nightmares and many other spiritual problems. Even those who hadn’t been able to get a job for years are testifying that they have been finally able to find one. Now, with the numbers of people increasing every Sunday, the UCKG is about to move into a dedicated building (it’s currently hiring a hall every week) from which it will be able to help people every day.

Pastor Peter said, “I have found the Surinamese people worn out of ritualistic religions, but very hungry for the true God, who actually answers their prayers and helps them. I have no doubt the UCKG will succeed here. But we do ask all our members to remember us in their prayers.”

UCKG HelpCentre
Malebatrumstraat 4
Paramaribo Centrum
Tel. 88 37 764

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