Special Meeting in Houston

The meeting had to begin a little before 10am because the place was already full. Not even the screen was enough for those who were in the rooms and corridors next to the church. It was 1,200 people in a church that fits only 700. For me, it’s always a pleasure to lead a meeting in places like these, with people who are not in search of luxuries or rituals.

The mexican people of Houston are humble and hard-working, but also suffer a lot in their family and finances. Young girls get pregnant, young boys join gangs, husbands become addicted to alcohol, and the wives, aside from living in misery at home, also carry all the family problems on their backs.

For this, I get happy in seeing so many restored families in the church. The youth group sat in the first row and there I saw future men and women of God. This transformation in the lives of many brings many people daily to the Universal Church. Just this past Sunday, we had hundreds of them.

It’s very good seeing the fruits of our work, of our faith. All the sacrifice, all the humiliation and the persecution is worth it!

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