Decision Event

ddaymiamiThis past Sunday, September 13th, the long awaited Day of Decision Event took place simultaneously in over 33 countries around the world. Thousands of people, all in different time zones and languages, were taught how to make the right decision by looking at things rationally.

Ongoing church members present testified of decisions they made in their lives and about how that one decision brought the answer they needed – healing, inner peace, freedom, family restoration and so forth. After the strong prayer, many of those present for the first time were amazed to see their pains and illnesses disappear!

From Houston to Miami, all the way to Africa and in many more countries, the meeting enlightened and encouraged people throughout the world. The meeting was marked by a strong prayers followed by a message of faith which led thousands of people to decide to change their lives. Those present learned how to become partners with God so that they too, just as Elijah, will be able to see God’s fire in their life bringing the change, the answer they need.

The Day of Decision paved the way for the Decision Event, which will be going on for the next seven weeks. In it, people will learn how to make decisions to transform their life, overcome an existing problem or change a hard situation. Opportunities are meant to be ceased and decisions are meant to be made, if you realize that things are not going your way and you’re ready for a radical change, don’t let this chance to change your life pass you by, after all, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain!

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