Life begins with…

lifeI would to like to talk about a subject that is extremely important.

Our life begins with our relationship with God. Our life does not begin when we graduate from university or become a successful professional. Not at all! Our life begins with God. No matter how intelligent a person is or the qualifications he has, without God, he’s doomed to failure. Why? Because of his lack of communication with God.

Many people say they want to get married because they want to be happy. But why do they think they will be happy if they just get married? Because they’ll be joined to someone they love. In theory, this is a wonderful thing… But how many married people are now unhappy, living a life much worse than when they were single? Why? Because they married the wrong person!

The problem is that we know that our happiness depends on someone else. No one wants to be lonely, regardless of his sexual preference. Maybe you ask, “Is it possible to stay single and still be happy?” Yes, it is possible, but the probabilities are very thin.

Usually people only feel complete when they establish their own families. No matter what they have accomplished during their “single” life, real life only begins when they are united to someone they love.

And so a person doesn’t begin to live when he is born, when he goes to university or when he becomes successful, but when he is united to someone else in order to build a family. Interesting, isn’t it? And yet, this is not what happens in the world today. Rarely do we see people marrying and living happily ever after. People get married and live in an inferno; instead of life, all hell breaks loose when they get married. It’s frustrating!

But it’s not that way with God. You don’t need to have qualifications or knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you are too young or too old, all you have to do is to marry Him; to make Him the One who you’re going to share your life with forever. With God, there’s no risk of being unhappy because He always wants what is good for us. This is the formula for happiness.

People all over the world are pursuing marriage in order to be happy. In the back of their minds, they know that their happiness depends on someone else. Or do you think a person is happy just being an island?

However, when we put our relationship or covenant with God in first place, rather than someone else, we guarantee our happiness for the rest of our lives. It doesn’t mean that we won’t have problems—we will face problems in this world—but, with God, we stand firm and secure; we conquer and are happy. We are partners with God and wherever we go, God is with us.

Today it’s much easier for a marriage to fail than to succeed. You know that. And when marriage fails, the children suffer the consequences. But when we put God first, God Himself finds the “perfect match” for us! Isn’t it wonderful? He finds the person who completes us. He knows each one of us, so He will find someone who also belongs to Him in order to complete us, and become like a perfect pot of mashed potatoes—inseparable!

That’s exactly what God wants to do for you!

Bishop E dir Macedo