Stock with more than 4 thousand books, sold in the events of the two Asian countries.

The launch of Nothing to Lose in Asia ended as a huge success with thousands of Filipinos and Chinese exhausting the stock of 4,081 copies on sale in both countries this weekend.

In Hong Kong, the expectation of Bishop Macedo’s biography was great among the Chinese. On Sunday afternoon, hundreds of readers formed huge queues that went out the front door and extended to the entrance of a city park! The stage of the event was a luxurious convention centre, which was packed within minutes of its doors being opened.

A staggering 1,937 copies were sold in China. The book that was translated in Cantonese (the most widely spoken language in the country) was signed by journalist and writer Douglas Tavolaro, co-author of the book and vice president of Journalism at Rede Record. Representatives of the UCKG in China, pastors Pang Wai Lun and Wu Chi Tak – both dressed in costumes, were also present.

“The great message of faith will now reach more than one billion people as through this book launch the doors have now been opened”, says Pang Wai Lun, in context to the Chinese population.

In the Philippines

The same phenomenon was seen the day before in Manila, the Philippine capital. A crowd of Asians faced the strong heat of Saturday afternoon and formed huge queues inside and outside the Gateway shopping mall. Even the sidewalks were packed!

Tavolaro Wladimir Nunes and Bishop Wladimir, Bishop Macedo’s representative in the Philippines, greeted thousands of readers who grasped the chance to read this inspirational life perspective of the founder of the UCKG.

The both autographed copies of the 2,144 books sold at the event. To Bishop Wladimir, the contents of the book will be all important to the Filipinos, “People facing various difficulties will certainly learn to become winners through Bishop Macedo’s history.”

The book signing took place in one of the major malls in the city of Manila, located in a tourist centre of the country, the Araneta Centre. People from numerous places in the Philippines didn’t worry about the distance and the traffic to get to the event in advance.

The businesswoman Lina Valdez, owner of a network of studios in the area of design and animation, was one of hundreds of people standing in line to ensure their copies, “ I couldn’t let this once in a life time opportunity pass! I just had to get my hands on Bishop Macedo’s book. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot through all the experiences he’s had and best of all, I’ll figure out how he overcame. So I left everything to be here.”

Czarina Alanigue, considered one of the best architects of Manila, also attended the signing, “The book ‘Nothing to Lose’ has everything to do with my life, because for some time I have wanted to know more about Bishop Macedo’s history, and now I have it in my hands! I can’t wait to start reading his biography.”

Next week, ‘Nothing to Lose’ excitement returns to Europe. This time the book will come to London, England. It will be the last launch in the first part of the trilogy about Bishop Macedo’s life. The event will take place at 2pm, Blackwell’s bookstore in Charing Cross Road.

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